Natsuki Ishigami 石神夏希
Yusuke Satomi 里見有祐
Tomonori Shimoda 下田寛典
Daisuke Nakazawa 中澤大輔



Pepin Structural Designs?
A performing arts company Founded in 1999 by by five high school classmates, Pepin Structural Designs has consistently produced our work in Yokohama, which has been our base. We have performed 18 pieces up to 2010. Since its inception, all of the group's members have been involved in the planning of the projects and Natsuki Ishigami has written and directed our works. Our policy for creation, is for each member to bring a topic that we become aware of in our daily lives to incorporate into our projects.


COLUMBA is a solo project for Pepin Structural Designs' playwright/director Natsuki Ishigami. COLUMBA makes contemporary theater pieces by using spirits and perspectives represented in myths, ancient stories and folk stories as motives, examining those origins and traditions.